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Home at last

One early Friday morning a few months ago, we lost a member an ever present member of our community. The death didn’t make the news and it wasn’t followed by a large funeral. Time has passed, but I still wanted to take a moment and acknowledge the value of another human spirit. I saw the […]

“Keep your fork”

The story has been widely shared on the Internet. It appeared in “A Third Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul” and was authored by Roger William Thomas. It concerns a young woman who had been given only a short time to live, and who instructed her pastor that she would like to be buried […]

dirty red

Grandmother — never ‘nana’ or ‘granny’ until my youngest nieces were born 15 years later and began to wrestle with the moniker we’d been warned not to change — didn’t call me dirty red until I returned from Peace Corps. By then she’d had several mini strokes and the doctors weren’t sure if they, or Alzheimers, were responsible for […]

What Makes a “Broken Community”?

  Someone once said “You need more than a corner…I said at least I am working  on both sides of the situation, sometimes , having it all is not the answer, working with what you have is a great start…lets get started. Life as an African American can be, and is, a beautiful experience… Caught […]