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Health Insurance Marketplaces launch, uninsured can enroll now, coverage starts Jan. 1

On October 1, a major provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, became available to 30 million Americans—the Health Insurance Marketplaces. The health insurance marketplaces are online destinations for researching and enrolling in private health insurance plans. The law mandates individuals and families obtain health insurance either through their employer or […]

Changing demographics, State Sen. Davis give hope to state Democrats

In early 2013, Jackson Williams, one of the architects the Democratic national campaign win in 2012, made the media rounds. His message was one that would stir discussion across the U.S. political spectrum. Williams was now intent on using the voter turnout machine that he had helped construct nationally, to help Democrats compete more closely […]

Time favors Rick Perry’s legacy

Since his announcement that he will not run for a fourth term as Texas’s governor, Rick Perry is ending one of the most storied governorships in Texas history.  Supporters will tout Perry’s accomplishments while dissenters will recount his controversial activities.  Nevertheless, the resilient governor will leave behind a political legacy.  The question remains: How will […]