He’s Back!

Michael Harris, veteran radio host, returns to airwaves

Long, long, long-time Houston radio talk show host, Michael Harris is back on the air. Michael Harris, the Computer Superstore’s Robert Moore, and talk show host, Cedric White, have teamed up to create the digital broad- casting station, KYSH.

It was almost six months ago that Harris left his old station, KCOH 1230AM, after alleging that station owner, Jesse Dunn, had misused loan funds meant for station operations. Dunn admitted to spending the money on gambling trips and other personal expenses, but maintains that, as station owner, he has the right to spend the money however he sees fit.

Michael Harris eventually filed a fraud lawsuit against Dunn. That suit was briefly dismissed, but was later reinstated.

In the meantime, Harris has moved on. Located on the corner of St. Joseph’s Parkway and Louisiana KYSH includes state-of-the-art tech- nology and even features a looking glass window through which the DJs are visible.

Harris and Moore believe that, with the proliferation of mobile technology and internet radios, digital broadcasting is the future of radio.

If you miss Harris’ trademark shows such as “Gospel Melody Time” and “Person-To-Person,” then go to www. yoursouceradio.com or download the KYSH app and listen in.

For all wondering how he is doing, Harris’ response might be a familiar one. “I’m okay. You okay?”

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